Save water by following right plumbing standards

Water is the most important element on our planet as it is the base for the origin of life on earth and is responsible for preserving it. Unfortunately, humans have not paid enough attention to safeguarding this source of life, as it should have been preserved. On the contrary, the state of water pollution has worsened in our country over the years due to the lack of public awareness and negligence of the state machinery. The ill effects of water pollution came to visibility in many forms such as loss of aquatic ecosystem and fisheries, increase in waterborne disease, loss of soil fertility and plantation, adulteration of food chain, etc.


So it is essential to save whatever the amount of this resource we have and on the other hand we should implement the corrective measures to stop water pollution at all cost in order to have a prolonged survival period for humans and maintain a quality of health for them which is free from infections and diseases.


Additionally, there is a shortage of availability of potable water in our country, and a majority of the population has to face a water shortage crisis on a daily basis. On the other hand, many faulty plumbing systems are leaking the priceless resource in a massive amount to make the situation more unfavorable for the public.


Plumbing system at municipal, industrial and residential purpose has been responsible for waiting for gallons of water on a daily basis. This incidence is happening mainly due to the use of substandard pipeline components which do not follow pipeline components standards.


Stopping the water pollution from the top level might not be an easy task for the citizens until and unless the state steps in very affirmatively against the offenders causing water pollution. However, we can contribute to saving the resource by integrating the right pipeline components and pipelines standards in our plumbing system. Use of standards in plumbing equipment can save gallons of water on a daily basis from leakage and being wasted.